Organic Food vs. Conventional Food | Must know which is better for you?

“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.”
― Herophilus (a Famous Greek Physician)

Organic Food vs. Conventional Food which is better to eat in the sense of nutrition and other healthy facts , is a common question scenario knocking everyday in our mind.

Proper nutrition is one of the most vital components to being physically fit and living a long life. Food has been a part of life since the beginning of Civilization. Except for proper diet, our body cannot sustain out the functions which it needs to perform. People were always concern about what they’re taking a daily diet and it attributions.

Also there exists a common concern between organic and conventional food that which actually healthier and nutritious. If you’re having a similar concern, then you are in the right place.

Let’s find out,

Organic Food vs. Conventional Food Which is Actually Better for Us?

Organic Food vs. Conventional Food

Firstly, we need to know what organic food is & what conventional food is.

Basically Production system of organic food according to certain organic production standards. For the production purpose of crops, they were grown without the use of pesticides, composts, human waste & even without genetically modification.

For animals, they were grown without antibiotics and even without any kind of growth hormones. Mainly the organic system maintains the natural process, where there will be not a single artificial modification.

On the other hand, the Conventional farming system depends on chemical, fertilizer, pesticides to promote the growth of plants. Conventional farming sprays pesticides to get rid of insects. For animals, Conventional system does the opposite of organic method.

Organic vs. non-organic food: Now we’re going to look at some clear differences between organic farming method and non-organic farming method.

Organic Food vs. Conventional Food

Organic Farming Method

  • Organic farmer applies natural stuff, fertilizers such as compost or manure (Not human-made) to promote the growth of plants.
  • Use birds and insects to decrease pests and disease.
  • The Organic farming method maintains crops rotation.
  • In organic farming method farmers gives organic feed to animals and for maintaining them use a preventive method to lessen diseases.

Non-Organic Farming Method

  • Apply human-made artificial stuff like synthetic chemical fertilizers to the rapid growth of the plant.
  • Spray poison or insecticides or decreases disease and pest.
  • To manage weeds conventional farmers use a synthetic chemical.
  • In the conventional farming method, the conventional farmer gives animal growth hormones, antibiotics and different types of medicine for their growth and to lessen disease as well.

How we can identify Organically grown food vs. Conventionally grown food ?

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is an organization which ensure organic certification by the standards of government. According to USDA standards:

  • 100% organic product means-That product is undoubtedly made by 100% organic materials.
  • Organic product means-The product in which at least have 95% organic components with the approval of USDA.
  • Food which made with organic materials-It indicates that food has at least 70% organic materials & organic label can’t be used on this food.
  • Non-organic-it means that product has less than 70% organic materials and according to USDA organic level can’t be used on this product.

Why is Organic Food Better & Healthier?

Well the answer of this question can be given in many different ways. Different research has found organic food may contain plenty of antioxidants, certain micro nutrients, Zinc and Iron.

Moreover the level of antioxidant can be up to 69%. Different research has given different opinions about nutrition fact between organic food and non-organic food.

Organic food is completely free from poison, synthetic chemical, antibiotics and human waste and grown hormones.

For the rapid growth of plants and animal organic farmer never use any type of harmful stuff and its nutritional value is higher than conventional food.

One study claims that organically growing has a higher level of antioxidants and up to 52% higher level of vitamin C.

Organic product, basically dairy and meat has health favorable fatty acid.

One study has proven organic dairy & milk may have the higher amount of omega-3, fatty acid, Iron & vitamin E.

On the other hand, organic meat contains higher level of fatty acid, omega-3 & slightly less amount of saturated fat than conventional food.

Antioxidant, vitamin E, iron,omega-3, fatty acid, low saturated fat, Zinc all components having a plenty of health beneficial aspect.Omega-3 significantly reduces heart trouble or any heart-related issues.

Taking the higher amount of fatty acid & omega-3 have been associated with lots of health benefit.

Among all food components which can significantly contribute to our health system that are micro nutrients such as vitamins.

There is a proverb among all food components antioxidant is the key factor for maintaining our health that reduces those health issues like cardiovascular diseases, chronic illness such as cancer by improving the strength of cellular defense system.

We already know that organic food completely maintains the natural process, where there is not a single artificial modification allowed. Now we are going to look at some pros of organic food.

Organic Food | Pros

(i) Highly nutritious:

Organic food contains high nutritional value because they don’t have any modified components & artificial thing compared to the conventional food products.

They’re provided that much time to grown and they’re also given with the best environment and natural condition for grown up.

British Journal of Nutrition says, ranging from carrots and broccoli to apples and blueberries, have substantially higher concentrations of a range of antioxidants and the other potentially beneficial components.

(ii) Beneficial for health:

The Organic method offers the safest option for human expenditure compared to any other available food products in the market. The Organic product contains a high nutritional value, which is totally free from chemical and does not have any modified components.

For the reason that we can simply understand by eating organic food, there will not be any single health issue. The food production of organic method & processing which ensure that they’re absolutely free from synthetic chemicals & even any genetically modification.

By which organic food can be beneficial for our health by developing immune system & it also decreases the diseases like cancer, infertility, malnutrition

(iii) Better test than conventional:

Organic food has a better test than conventional food. Mainly in organic food, the structures of sugar and mineral are tastier because the Organic products are given more time to develop and to be mature in eco-friendly circumstance.

The use of surrounding adaptable methods is disclosed to be the cause for the better test in organic food products. Most of the people claim that organically grown vegetable, fruits & animal provided items have a higher quality of test compared to those are conventionally grown.

(iv) Chemical and poison free:

Organic farming is completely harmful chemical free. Here everything maintains & grown up naturally thus it does not harm the consumer. Aspect such as genetically modified, to use Chemical, poison, compost, antibiotic, growth hormone are strictly restricted in the organic farming method. For the reason that organic food is totally free from pollution with health-damaging issues.

(v) Ecological balance:

Here is no controversy over this matter that organic methods are more environment-friendly to compare with the conventional method. This is a dream of every nation in the world to gaining remarkable environmental sustainability.

By the use of organic farming the goal of the environmental sustainability can be achieved. A study says organic farming can gain fascinating mechanisms for proceeding biodiversity, biological cycle & ecological balance what is entirely environment-friendly.

Soil management and reservation are the elementary motives of organic farming & increasing nutritional value, ecological balance, conserving biodiversity as well.

This is why organic food is better for ecological balance.

Let’s have a look at some cons of organic farming:

Organic Food|Cons

(i) Organic method is Costly:

Everyone knows that time frequently compared with money. Organic food grows more slowly and it takes a lot of time than conventional farming.

Because the organic farmer stays away from using any synthetic chemical, inorganic compost and growth hormones which frequently used by conventional farmers.

According to the information of the Food and Agricultural Organization of United Nations, organic food for cattle and other livestock can worth double as much as the conventional one.

(ii)Less production:

This is one of the disadvantages of organically grown food. As we all know that or in the organic method, a plant grew up naturally. There is no scope to use any harmful chemicals, growth hormones, genetic modifications, antibiotics and even hardly any artificial thing acceptable.

For this reason, they’re given much more time to grow up, ripen and to be mature. It is a time consuming process and farmers basically have their output after a long time. The output of organic food can lead to smaller production in the comparison with huge commercial farming methods.

(iii) Time-consuming process:

Extra time invest, extra care, extra work are absolutely appropriate for organically grown food. In this method, food grows at their own pace. Organic foods are artificially changed, that’s why It takes bit extra time than conventional food growing method.

The term “modern manufacturing food production system is totally appropriate for the conventional farming system. Conventional farming is known as industrial agriculture, it indicates the farming methods which depends on synthetic chemical, fertilizers pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, genetically modification and growth hormones and so on.

The basic motto of conventional farming is to produce the amount of food to the proportion of our food demand. Conventional farming has many good and bad sides.

So now we’re going to look at some pros and cons of conventional farming.

Conventional Food | Pros

(i) Lower production cost:

The aspect of conventional farming is very crucial to the world for different systems. Everyone we know that the production of food is a very vital aspect of the modern world. Conventional farming is a method which is known to produce a huge amount of food compared with other available food production methods.

The motto of conventional farming are basically to feed to world people at lower cost and provide a huge amount of food product in minimum time in the proportion to our food demand.

The world people always need a huge amount of food, to give the highest support to the food system of the world people, conventional farming plays an important role with lower food price

(ii) Reducing unemployment problem by creating job opportunities:

Always farming is compared with as a one of the world’s ancient occupations. Huge number of workers require to maintain the production of different industrial farms. They frequently need workers for their farm to take care of the conventional product, for transport driver, food packaging for selling and so on.

The most important thing about the conventional farming method, Production of the product is significantly higher than organic food. To maintain all process certainly, we can say, it needs more manpower. how it’s creating job opportunities.

(iii) The highest amount of production:

The production of conventional food is significantly higher than organic food. Many different aspects work as regulative to produce an immense amount of product. In this method, the production worth is extremely low, as a result, the farmer can be able to grow more food production.

Here is one other crucial aspect that conventional method is less time consuming, for this reason, the farmer can grow food maximum number of time in the same plants.

They use growth hormones, antibiotics and another synthetic chemical for that growth of non-organic plants and animals is significantly higher than the organic method.

Conventional Food | Cons

(i) Use of synthetic chemical, compost:

One of the biggest disadvantages of the Conventional method is frequently used of synthetic chemical, compost etc. for the rapid growth of plants. For the animal, the farmer gives them antibiotics, growth hormones, harmful drugs.

There is a potential possibility to create the health hazard by eating conventionally grown food. Farmer used to spray this chemical on crops and somehow that can get into crops and when human are eating these products somehow they’re eating these harmful chemicals as well.

For using synthetic chemicals on conventional food, it’s creating strong probability to face heavy health issue. One study says, the purpose of conventionally grown food thirteen types of the chemical can exist which generally children used to eat.

Not only children by eating conventionally grown crops everyone can face health hazard from this aspect.

(ii) Conventional farming may create pollution:

Conventional farming method certainly has a huge probability to contaminate the environment. Against the use of the conventional farming system, some researchers claim that the conventional system introduces contamination to surrounding like that result of using a harmful thing.

Which consistently pollute soil, water, and environment. Soil being polluted by using excessive synthetic stuff and also barren land day by day & cause soil pollution. Human waste or poison which frequently used to spray on crops that create air pollution by the mix up those molecules with air.

Form this aspect undoubtedly it’s hazardous for circumstance and for health as well.

Final Verdict

We already knew the definition, production method, Nutritional value, pros & cons of this two types of farming systems. Some research has done on this topic that organic or conventional which actually better for health.

Most of the research has given positive result about organic food and some other research has given the mixed result. That means some researcher claims that non-organic food has equal nutritional value like organic food. This two types of farming systems having a plenty of positive aspects. Now the choice is absolutely yours that what you want to have.

Lastly, I would like to say that should never forget that “health is wealth”. “Stay healthy, Stay happy”.

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